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For in-situ foaming applications

Soflan-R spray construction method

“Soflan-R spray method” is
suitable for preventing condensation and
improving thermal insulation efficiency in homes,
residential apartment buildings and office buildings.

Soflan-R spray construction method is in-situ foaming application of rigid polyurethane and this is widely applied for condensation prevention, thermal insulation and antifreeze. Soflan-R rigid polyurethane foam component liquids form fine air bubbles when sprayed during construction. Compared to other thermal insulation materials, Soflan-R demonstrates excellent thermal insulation performance.

Soflan Wiz offers optimum component liquids for wide range of uses. Our sales engineers boost a wealth of experience in boosting quality and workability standards.

Spray construction
Strong point
  • ·Self adhesiveness can be used on a variety of base surfaces
  • ·Seamless heat insulation material reduces heat loss
  • ·Excellent heat insulation performance for enhanced energy conservation
  • ·Can be applied on an uneven basis and reduces construction time and costs
  • ·Environmentally friendly non-fluorocarbon products reduce greenhouse gases and global warming