Sekisui SoflanWiz Co.,Ltd.

About us

Message from president

We thank you very much for your continued support for “Sekisui Soflan Wiz CO., LTD.”

We, as a company specializing in rigid polyurethane, have been working hard to meet customers’ needs and solve their various problems. We intend to continue our efforts to expand the rigid polyurethane business and to give more satisfaction to customers. In addition, we will take on new challenges as a pioneer, creating new markets by means of technological innovation.

“Sekisui Soflan Wiz CO.LTD” will contribute to society by developing and providing value-added products and services, which are beyond customers’ expectation.

We hope you will continue to favor us with your patronage.

The origin of the Company's name

Sekisui SoflanWiz = Soflan + Wizard

Our company's name “Soflan Wiz” consists of two words, “Soflan” and “Wiz”, which is our polyurethane trademark and an abbreviation of “Wizard”, respectively. Our name means we go into the future along with you, our customers, through wonderful new technologies and productive consultation.

Our vision

Sekisui Soflan Wiz ―
the rigid polyurethane specialists

Sekisui Soflan Wiz Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer of rigid polyurethane foam products with a wide variety of uses such as boosting thermal insulation and preventing condensation. The Soflan-R component liquid for rigid polyurethane can be optimized to suit client specifications and conditions.

With an integrated business model encompassing design and development to manufacturing and distribution, Sekisui Soflan Wiz aims to boost corporate strength based on the following four growth policies. Also, Sekisui Soflan Wiz offers a high degree of specialization in environmentally friendly products that benefit all sectors of society.

  1. Sekisui Soflan Wiz gives the highest priority to the safety and security of its employees. The company's employees are the source of a vibrant corporate culture ready to take on any challenge.
  2. Approaching our business from the customer's perspective, we aim to further expand our share of the domestic rigid polyurethane market.
  3. We pursue technological innovation to create new products and business.
  4. We seek new markets and customers not only in Japan, but overseas too.

Integrated business model

Business model image